We are still here...

November 2020

Little did I know that my words during Drunkin Sailor would foreshadow the impending pandemic. Singing the words "Oh no, no Corona", I subtly injected lyrics as I usually do, not knowing how right I was. I was just being me. Standing on the stage at The Parting Glass, I looked out to our audience and admired how far we've come in 4 years. The connections we had with our friends and fans that came to see us on one of the best nights we've had there was really something. It was a great show!

It takes time and a lot of work to get a new band out into the scene that hosts endless options, especially a band as unique as ours. This was going to be our best year yet. We had some big shows coming up with St Patricks's Day approaching in 2 weeks,  and we were ready. We tried out some new tunes, specific to the time of year and familiar to those who enjoy the annual homage to Irish culture and sing alongs. They fill us with the party vibe to celebrate all that is green.

Then, everything stopped. We haven't been on a stage since. It's been 9 months now. We've had 2 members move on.  Some of us have had to resort to other means to make a living hoping it will be just a temporary fix. Some of us have been working from home. Some of us have been playing with other musicians and working on personal projects. But I'm here now telling you that we are still a band. We have gotten together as much as possible and have been writing original material. We have changed our name, but we are still the same band you will expect when we finally get back out there and do what we live to do. We are still here, waiting, hoping that music will come back bigger and better when this is all over. It's a weird time to be alive. We are living history every day. I hope you are all doing the best you can to get thru a truly rare time. Music has a way of massaging our soul. It is the cure to whatever ails us. It makes us happy. It is the cure. I hope that the venues ,who have graciously opened their doors to us, get the help they need to at least wait in vain and see what is coming on the horizon. I hope you are all doing well. 

Peace and love,

Kelly Rock


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