Maggie's Clan is a high-energy Celtic rock band from upstate NY.  We play traditional Irish and Scottish music with a solid rock core that includes our original arrangements, covers from Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Pogues rock and modern pop.  

Maggie's Clan is a one of a kind powerhouse. 

Maggie's Blog

Keeping busy.... 

It's been a while since our last post and so we wanted to let everyone know that we've been busy working on a new album. What's even better is that it's almost done and we can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned for the official release date or come to one of our shows to hear our new songs live and in person. 


The Summer's almost over... 

As we end our summer of 2021, we have been thrilled with all of you that come to our shows and have a great time. We got lucky with the bulk of our outdoor shows, and some had quite a bit of rain. But all were memorable and we are so happy to have our little big band persevere.

We have a few more shows coming up and we are looking forward to seeing you out there! Before you know it, Saint Patrick's Day will be upon us once more. 

We are so thankful we are still going forward and you all are a huge part of it! Drop us an email to say hi or have a request. We always try and work them into our repertoire.



Gigging again! 

Hello Clanspeople!

We are so happy to have our musical freedom back! We hope you are enjoying it too!

We are a full band once more and I'd like to take a moment and say that we have 2 new members in the band that are really superb musicians!

Jake Ali is our new fiddle player. He has really settled in with the band and we are so happy to have him! He plays many instruments and is a real pleasure to have with us.

We don't have too many shows this summer, but the ones we have, we are looking forward to! We are going to be at the Parting Glass this Saturday, June 12th at 6pm. No reservations are being taken and we will be outside. The Glass has been one our home pub and we are grateful to perform there. We hope to have more dates there soon! 

For now, the only other show we have is in North Creek on July 17th 6-9pm. Near Gore Mountain, North Creek is an awesome little town in the Adirondacks that has free music in the summer! We are stoked to play there and hope you can make it there!

We have some shows coming up in September and October. We will keep you posted!!

Have fun and rock on!!



Up coming shows: